I was able to collaborate with my dear friend and brilliant artist, Melissa J. Sordoni, to create the logo image for Embodied Brilliance. You can check out her incredible work here https://www.mjsordoni.com/.

The name Embodied Brilliance is a tribute to the strength and resourcefulness one must possess when living in a constant state of threat and survival. So often the survivor is unaware of anything other than the painful effects it causes. When healing begins to occur, there can be an embodying effect of their true brilliance, allowing their inner light to shine as brightly as it was intended to.  This is represented by the bright colors and gold used in the image. Each of the five vertical lines represents a survivor with the horizontal line connecting them all signifying the interconnectedness we all share and how our own individual healing is bound up in the healing of the collective.  The five lines also represent the five elements of the TCTSY trauma-sensitive yoga practice: Invitational Language, Choice-making, Interoception, Shared Authentic Experience, and Non-Coercion.